Mr. Hisser

by judas vigilante

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I wrote and recorded this back in 2009 amidst a bad cold/flu.
It was tracked in one go onto a Sony TCM-939 cassette recorder which my Mother had bought my daughter for playing back story tapes etc.
The tracks then one by one are recorded the old fashioned and hard way into a computer for mastering with a microphone up to the Sony TCM's speaker. (Mono I believe, then converted to stereo!)
Not very high tech, but I just love the sound of the results and about as lo-fi as you can get, not even a four-track in sight!
The whole writing and recording process took approx 4 evenings and another few days for transfer to computer and mastering.
What you hear, is what I heard when it was recorded, no fancy tweaks and twiddling of expensive plugins, no hiss reduction etc. Just me, with pen and paper and an acoustic guitar in front of the trusty tcm-939, in a soft room.
Incidentally, I/we have no idea where this piece of equipment went as it hasn't been used in so long. I recorded several albums on it and loved the sound of them all, so tonight, I went on the 'bay' and got me another one!
In the 90's lot's of great records where being recorded on tape (4/8 tracks) and reel to reel etc. I loved the warmth and sound of virtually them all and the songwriting was great too. Today, it's 2013 and times have moved on for most folk. Everything is so fucking candy sweet sugar coated and slick. Digital from instrument to deployment. Maybe it's just me, but it sounds so clinical and cold, even tape emulation doesn't hack it for me. Okay, I know some genre's of music couldn't captured any other way, perhaps, than digital, and a DAW makes life easy.
But hey, shoot me for getting back to the root of things.
My friend who is knowledgeable on Dylan, told me years go Bob made his first 4 records without the knowing he didn't have to record everything in one take (live). Dylan produced 4 classic albums by laying the songs down in one go.
I urge anyone in a indie, rock, punk, folk, country or whatever band to get yourself a 'basic recording device' and see what you can do with it. You'll either love it or hate it, but if you're not an anal geek about hi-fi sound, you'll most likely love it and listen to it many times with a fondness that digital doesn't bring.

That's my 2 cents.

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Enjoy and feel free to send a message if you'd like a physical copy.
I can send you a cassette or cdr for not much more than the price of postage.


released July 24, 2013

All songs Copyright Megahurt Music 2009.
All songs written and recorded by Judas Vigilante at Mansion Of madness Studio in 2009.



all rights reserved


judas vigilante UK

Singer-songwriter. Founder of SuperSlave Records. Has written and recorded over 140+ albums and EP's to date (2017).
See also: The Pleasure Cast, Captain Kidder, Prudence Machete and Razor Wrists to name a few.

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